Nasrid House of the Calle Real Street

Nasrid House in the Royal Street of the AlhambraThis Nasrid house was built by Muhammad III in 1304, according to Ibn al-Yayyab, and follows typical Nasrid design with a courtyard containing a pond and surrounding rooms, of which only two survive today:

one on the western wall and the other on the southern side. From the northern room only the wall remains with its plaster arches and Arabic plaster decoration. The eastern room is missing since it was eliminated to expand the Placeta del Guindo.

Ibn al Yayyad celebrated the construction of the palace in a beautiful poem in his Diwan:

“You have built a residence in front of the blessed mosque

Because in it lives the blessed one;

It is like a fiancée who appears on her seat of honour

And because of her, the gaze scorns the gaze of the young virgins;

Their eyes remain prisoners and the gazes

Cannot move nor can they stay still:

The adornments of the beautiful women

They cannot overtake the beauty of your art; it is like a garden where the rain

Has embroidered images with marvellous brocades and colours;

She shows the men her charm, and would you believe that

There are tunics embroidered with flowers from the garden;

The earth has bestowed her beauty upon her

Which has centuplicated;

The noble dome on the outside shining

Like a clear and gorgeous beacon”

The Nasrid house can be visited as a part of the programme “Space of the Month”.


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