Tricks to avoid tired legs during your holidays

Pies cansados en un museo, de Stevan DohanosVisiting a monument can be as tiring as a hike or going kayaking. Even though it might not seem like it, cultural tourism can be almost as tiring as active tourism. That’s why we’re going to suggest some tricks to avoid tired legs which we might get when visiting some monuments.

There’s even an expression you may not have heard, “museum legs”, for explaining the leg exhaustion experienced after intense museum or cultural monument visiting. Having museum legs means your legs hurt after slowly walking around a museum or monument over a long period of time, combined with other periods of standing still.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in great shape, anyone can get tired in a monument. But… why is it so tiring? It’s not about the number of kilometres travelled, but about the slowness. Your legs have to hold you up, but without assistance from movement.

Constant movement and rest in the fight against tired legs.

Descansar en un museoWhen you walk at a normal speed, you bend your legs following a normal rhythm, which distributes the pressure of your body weight in a balanced way. Looking at works of art or contemplating the wonders of a monument entails stopping, then starting to walk again, with the cycle constantly repeating, observing and then moving again in a way humans are not well adapted to. Staying standing and in positions allowing you to look at your surroundings tenses your muscles and joints in an unbalanced way.
Gertrude Stein
 wisely suggests that “in a museum, walk slowly, but without stopping. If you want to avoid getting tired during your cultural visits this summer, you just need to think using common sense and remember: “Make sure you rest, don’t try to do everything at once, sit down once in a while, make sure to drink fluids and don’t forget to eat”. patio-leones-visitantes-300x178

The beauty, fun, emotion, impact and surprises which art and culture in general can provoke mean work for your eyes and brain. In particular, when you’ve looked at too many pieces and you don’t want to miss a thing. Art is an incredible stimulus, but also requires resting once in a while.

Both on our walks around Granada, as well as on our guided tours of the Alhambra, the professionals at Cicerone take the need for rest into account to offer the best experience and wellbeing for our clients. Book your spot today!