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“Any other city able to boast of such a heritage of Western art would be ranked among the most important in Europe, but the attraction of the Alhambra has always overshadowed everything which grew up around it, much of which remains undiscovered today by many visitors of the city”.



“After the Christian conquest, Granada became the hub of a new dynamic age in all the arts, the focal point of the latest fashions and innovations, all of which resulted in the creation of the richest and most complete group of monuments ever conceived during the period from the Renaissance to the Baroque…”.



“The low skirt of the Albaicín represents the Muslim Granada before the end of the Spanish Reconquest”.



“Tour includes visits to the figures of Catholic Monarchs and Charles V.. the Moorish tragedy, the Albaicín Quarter today, the urban infrastructure and the hydraulic system, the Cármenes of Granada, the Darro River and the modern city”.



“The 1.5 mile walking tour goes through Granada’s historical city center”.



“The transformation of the mythical and spectacular city of Granada”.



“The Between Islam & Christianity Guided Walking Tour, narrated in both English and Spanish”.


“CICERONE, run by Maria & Rosa… each guide is excellent, and they describe the fitful and fascinating changes the city underwent as it morphed from a Moorish capital to a Christian one 500 years ago…you´ll weave together bits of the Moorish heritage that survive around the cathedral”.

“Lóption ideale pour ceux qui préferent se faire guider”


WIKYTRAVEL Granada (City)

” Walking Tours (Paseo Guiado) Very good tour of the city And Albayzin”


DESTINATIONS Siesta y Sol Andalucia, Spain June 2008

“We meet Maria Angustias, who escorts us to Albayzin, Granada´s moorish quarter. We tour the Plaza Larga and meander narrow, snaking streets.We note the simplicity of the area´s churches -built quickly and cheaply to replace mosques following the capture of the city from Boabdil by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492. Maria steers us down Granada´s sloping lanes, past the Cathedral and Capilla Real and into the city´s crowded, pedestrian markets”


TIMES ON LINE. Granada: the complete guide March 25th, 2008

” Everywhere you wander in this Islamic citadel there’s something to captivate: crane your neck for elaborate wood ceilings and marble capitals; eyes peeled for tiled, carved facades and courtyards with pools of water reflecting the buildings. Arrange a tour with city-walk specialists Cicerone and you´ll ejoy it even more”


WHERE 2 March/April 2004.
EXPLORE. Tales of the city.
“CICERONE is one of the few official tour companies endorsed by the Junta de Andalucia offering a guided “walktour” into the heart of Granada. Meeting daily by the Townhall at Plaza del Carmen…. Where 2 met up with Rosa Terrones to experience the tour. Whilst her official role is a tour guide, she is more of a storyteller, walking through the centuries as well as the city, as you let your imagination stretch back to when rivers and bridges once criss- crossed the now busy streets, reliving Granada´s rich and chequered past.
…The tour offers snippets of information, facts and details that you won´t neccessarily find elsewhere…Rosa´s enthusiasm and passion for the rich history of the city is contagious as she talks and pinpoints Granada´s most significant buildings.  What works in this tour is that it gives you something that you just can´t get from a guidebook: the snippets of information and the storytelling experience.”



CICERONE organizes guided walking tours:

From Islam to Christianism: A travel from Islam to Christianism showing the astonishing transformation of a so mythological city. Albaicin, the origin of Granada: A tour of the most famous and emblematic Granadian neighborhood, where muslim herence is still recognized. Nowadays, the neighborhood is cultural heritage of UNESCO. Walking through his small and labyrinthic streets, we will be introduced in his deepest heart. Federico Garcia Lorca´s places in Granada: A tour through the places determined Lorca´s personality and work. Leyends in the night: You will be introduced in the meanders of Granada´s labyrinthic streets.

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