About Cicerone Granada

We are experts in Granada and experts in guided tours. Visit Granada and the Alhambra with us and you will have an experience to remember forever. We’ll help you unveil the unmissable sights of the city of Granada and its fascinating transformation, with all its legends, beauty, history, culture and gastronomy. Our slow paced tours are what you are looking for.

Either joining a very small group or choosing an exclusive private tour, you will be accompanied by passionate locals who’d make a difference and will guarantee the quality of our visits.

In Cicerone we say we are experts but we don’t just say it ourselves – talking about oneself is very easy; we have renowned awards and certificates that endorse us:


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We always accompany our clients determined to make them bring with them the best memories of Granada. We practice it even with our name, CICERONE, which dates back to ancient Roman times: Marcus Tullius Cicero, or simply Cicero, was a renowned politician of the Roman Republic who went down in history as an excellent public speaker, due to his erudition and, especially, his rhetoric. In honor of his legacy, in 21st century we use the word cicerone to describe those people who are eloquent and likeable and who guide and describe matters of archeological, historical or artistic interest in a city or a museum.

We thought CICERONE was, thus, an excellent name, being cicerones ourselves, and thanks to our mastery of the subjects at hand, we guide those who choose us with the friendliness you would expect from an expert from Granada.


Cicerone about us


Our Granada and Alhambra tours are especially frequented by families and groups of friends who are looking for someone warm and friendly to help them get the most out of their trip.

Seeing as we don’t like being far from the street and the people, our Customer Service Center-Shop is right in the city center, on 10 San Jerónimo Street (Calle San Jerónimo 10): meeting point of our guided tours and nice little shop for your gifts.

We aren’t newcomers: Cicerone was founded in 2003 and has since become the flagship company of individual tourism in Granada; no one can compete with our knowledge of the city, thanks to our 2 fundamental pillars:

  • Cultural itineraries that we design, elaborate and guide. We don’t copy; we create. As proof, try our guided route Granada Must-Do Tour or our guided itinerary Twilight in the Sacromonte and in Albaicin.
  • The quality of our professionals. Because we pamper our guides. We don’t only count with the best cicerones, we also help them grow by making sure they are constantly learning.

If you want to get to know us better, check our website, call us, write or visit our Customer Service Center-Shop. We can’t wait to see you!


Our code of good practice and support for sustainable tourism

At Cicerone, we have believed in and have been actively practice sustainable / responsible tourism for years. Our regular guided tours are organised for small groups with a maximum of 12 people.

We are a local company dedicated to caring for our surroundings and offering personalised treatment to our clients. Our guides are local people, they know Granada and its history and love their city, not just for its heritage. We want to transmit this passion to our visitors and that’s why some time ago, Cicerone decided to ensure that our groups are as small as possible. This ensures that our clients enjoy a unique experience and at the same time, our activity does not affect the daily functioning of the city and its businesses. That way, we’re all winners!

Granada is for everyone, so the locals, visitors and professionals should all live and work alongside each other in the historic centre, always thinking of each other’s wellbeing.

Our commitment:

  • Small groups to guarantee that pedestrians and vehicles can pass with ease and to avoid crowds of people and the resulting noise and nuisance.
  • Our guides are tourism professionals and are trained to give correct, proven information to all our clients. As they’re professionals in their knowledge, they are also professional in the way in which they respect our historical and cultural heritage and they’ll transmit the importance of this respect to the visitors.
  • Our routes are all carried out on foot and if we need to use transport to access specific parts of the city, we always use public transport.
  • We support local businesses and always help our clients to value and encourage the consumption of local produce. We also encourage them to contribute and vary their purchases to prevent favouritism towards certain establishments, including our own.


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